Hi, I’m Fergus. 👋

I'm a product-driven software engineer based in east London, building the future of communities at Outverse.

I love thinking about, designing and building the next generation of full-stack tools on the web. I'm inspired by the tools I love and use everyday, including: Sublime Text, Linear, AirBnB, iOS, to name a few.

I completed a PhD in Distributed Software Engineering within the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, under the supervision by Dr. Naranker Dulay, focusing on building visual simulation tools and techniques, coined “Visual Diffing”, for developing and testing human-centric cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things.

I’ve interned at Fujitsu Labs for a (hot) summer in Atsuji, Japan, where I developed a GUI for controlling a research teddy bear robot. Had a blast exploring Tokyo, Kanagawa and Kyoto.

When I’m not coding or doing research I enjoy paddling and captaining for my local dragon boat team Typhoon, designing card games, playing card, board + video games, learning languages (Japanese + Cantonese), kite flying, tinkering with electronics and in the winter months (or at the Snow Centre) skiing and snowboarding.