Internet of Things (IoT)

During my undegraduate degree I self-defined two Internet/Intranet of Things projects, involving creating a new networking protocol from the ground-up, to enable battery-powered embedded devices to efficiently form an Intranet of Things (iot), securing this protocol using both asymmetric and symmetric cryptography schemes, as well as integrating the iot into a high-performance complex event processing engine called the Homework Cache.

I've implemented to the protocol on several platforms (secure/non-secure), all available on github.

Side Projects

Here's a little snippet of projects I've worked on recently, also checkout my github.

Mini Web Server in C - An experiment in writing a small web server in C from scratch. Checkout github for the latest progress

py-SRPC - A python port of a simple RPC protocol. Python implementation is a feature complete port, including multi-threading.

NeoMaple - An port of the Adafruit Neopixel RGB LED library to the Maple Mini series.

Appage (App usage) - A django webapp for the GUTS Hackathon utilising the Apptracker API to enable parents to monitor and control their children's iOS and Android app usage.

Control Room - A HTML5 + Canvas project allowing users to easily plan and design model train tracks. Also uses a custom Javascript parser for reading in existing track component files. Future plans to integrate track design with actual control of live trains and layout features via Arduino + digital train control.