I love building things, sewing things and programming things. Some of my projects have included:

Thai West Restaurant Digital Menu - Designed and built a custom digital restaurant menu for a Thai restaurant based in Picadilly Circus. The menu is built using a Raspberry Pi and running a web-based customisable menu written using Django (Python). The menu can be switched between lunch and dinner menus using a button on the Pi and enables staff to quickly update the menu without HTML or design skills. Here is it deployed - Thai West Cafe, Piccadilly Circus

Wunderground - An android mobile app for alerting sleepy passengers of their impending stop. Built after I grew tired of falling asleep and missing my stop on the way home from a long day (excuse the pun :D). Wunderground Prototype Home Screen Wunderground Prototype Alarm Screen

Catch That Bus / Train: A weather, train and bus ambient dispay - Ever wonder when you need to run to catch the next local train or bus? Well, I did and decided I also wanted to know whether I should also take a jacket on the way out; so I built a simple kindle app to show up-to-date bus and train info using the TfL open data API and also check the local weather.

Kotatsu (a warm table) - A homemade coffee-table leg warmer, styled after the Japanese Kotatsu, it provides a heated seating area around a coffee table, useful when your flat is cold and heating it costs too much. Flexed my sewing and handyman skills to design, cut and sew quilts for wrapping around the table and people.

Mini Web Server in C - An experiment in writing a small web server in C from scratch. Checkout github for the latest progress

py-SRPC - A python port of a simple RPC protocol. Python implementation is a feature complete port, including multi-threading.

Internet of Things (IoT) - During my undegraduate degree I self-defined two Internet/Intranet of Things projects, involving creating a new networking protocol from the ground-up, to enable battery-powered embedded devices to efficiently form an Intranet of Things (iot), securing this protocol using both asymmetric and symmetric cryptography schemes, as well as integrating the iot into a high-performance complex event processing engine called the Homework Cache.

I've implemented to the protocol on several platforms (secure/non-secure), all available on github.

NeoMaple - An port of the Adafruit Neopixel RGB LED library to the Maple Mini series.

Appage (App usage) - A django webapp for the GUTS Hackathon utilising the Apptracker API to enable parents to monitor and control their children's iOS and Android app usage.

Control Room - A HTML5 + Canvas project allowing users to easily plan and design model train tracks. Also uses a custom Javascript parser for reading in existing track component files. Future plans to integrate track design with actual control of live trains and layout features via Arduino + digital train control.