I'm a PhD student in Distributed Software Engineering within the Department of Computing at Imperial College London.


Now completing my PhD at Imperial College London under the supervision by Dr. Naranker Dulay, in which I have focused on building visual simulation tools and techniques for developing and testing Cyber-Physical systems and the Internet of Things.

My interests include cyber-physical systems, IoT/smart/embedded/constrained devices, robotics, human-centric computing, virtual/augmented/mixed reality, distributed systems, operating systems...


I love working on projects, especially ones involving electronics, code and physical bits and bobs. Checkout my GitHub if you're interested in seeing what I've been up to in my research and free time.
I've created a bunch of things including ambient displays, web apps, IoT protocols, mini C webserver, a kotatsu, mobile app tracker, model train controller...


I've been lucky enough to intern at two great companies, Fujitsu and JP Morgan, whilst studying for my undergraduate degree.

I've worked at the Fujitsu Human Centric Robotics Lab in Atsugi, Japan and got to experience life there for three months. Whilst there I enjoyed the wonderful weather (lovely sun, oh and a typhoon, earthquake and many sweaty commutes) and worked with a fantastic team on an very cool teddy bear robotics project, check him out here. I also wrote a little blog about my trip here.


I have more interests than I often care to admit, including dragon boating, salsa, kite flying, tinkering with electronics, programming, film, board and video games, most things Asian and in the winter months skiing + snowboarding.