Research Topic

I'm currently exploring the use of simulation and model-checking approaches for testing and development of Cyber-Physical systems, including the use of 3D game engines to support simulation.

My general research interests include cyber-physical systems, IoT/Sensor Networks/embedded/contrained devices, robotics, vehicular ad-hoc networks, operating systems, distributed systems...



  • DejaVu: Visual Diffing of Cyber Physical Systems. -- Awarded Best Poster (Poster) Nov 2017, BuildSys'17. Fergus Leahy and Naranker Dulay. PDF(Abstract) - PDF(Poster)


  • Ardan: Using 3D Game Engines in Cyber-Physical Simulations. (Paper) Oct 2016, CyPhy - CPSWeek'17. Fergus Leahy and Naranker Dulay. PDF - Proceedings


  • Integrating a Secure Internet of Things into a Smart Home Router. (MSci Thesis) University of Glasgow, Fergus Leahy.


  • A lightweight protocol for constrained devices for use in the Internet of Things paradigm. (Dissertation) University of Glasgow, Fergus Leahy.